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$2,800 (plus applicable NY Sales Tax)

Full Training Board includes stall, hay and grain, turnout, blanketing, dumpster fees, basic supplies (no meds), all lessons, schooling of horse at home when rider is unable to be at the barn (excludes outside professional fees), grooming, laundry, tacking up and untacking.  


$1,500 (plus applicable NY Sales Tax)

Basic Board includes stall, hay and grain, turnout, blanketing and dumpster fees.  Laundry, saddle pads and supplies are not included.  Owners must supply their own saddle pads and grooming supplies.   

Training Rides with Grooming - includes grooming and riding of the horse whenever the owner is unable to be at the barn $700 per month 

Lessons - includes 5 lessons per month, no grooming or tack ups included 

$300 per month

Grooming and Tack Ups - includes grooming and tack ups for all rides and lessons (8 AM - 5 PM)

$600 per month 
Grooming Supplies  $60 per month 
Daycare @ Horse Shows  $150 per day, $200 per day if only one customer at show
Professional Riding  $40 for schooling horse at home or warm-up schooling 
Lunging  $20 per lunge session 
Single Tack Up/Untacking  $20/tack up, $20/untacking 
Bathing  $25 per bath 
Braiding/Entries/Shipping for Shows All paid directly to the vendor or to Crossroads prior to show
Blanket Cleaning $25 per blanket, extra charges for repairs
Body Clipping $150 per horse
Buying / Selling / Leasing Horses  15% comission payable to The Crossroads
Farrier Billed direct to customer by farrier
Medications / Supplements Billed directly to customer if ordered by Crossroads 
Vet Bills Billed direct to customer by Miller & Associates 

** A limited number of outdoor board spots are also available.  Please contact us directly for more information.